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About AOH pageA.O.H. 32 Carnegie, PA was formed in August, 1989 and chartered on September 17, 1989. The charter contains the following original twenty members: Chaplain Robert Coyne, Rev. Michael MacVeigh, Rev. Albin C. McGinnis, Jr., Rev. Robert Miller, President Jerry O’Brien, Vice President Dennis Murphy, Recording Secretary Thomas Welch, Financial Secretary Bill Delaney, Treasurer Tom Steinmetz, Mickey Abbott, Jeffrey Abbott, James Delaney, Bern Donnelly, Dennis Donnelly, John Donovan, James Lysaught, Lorcan A. O’Conaill, Patrick O’Connell, John Shannon, and Tim Trant.

Today, AOH Division #32, Carnegie, PA is a group of nearly 200 proud Irish Catholic men committed to the preservation of Irish culture and heritage and supporting political issues such as immigration reform; economic incentives both here and in Ireland; the human rights issues addressed in the MacBride Legislation; Right-To-Life; and a peaceful and just solution to the issues that divide Ireland.

Over the years, our Division has made many charitable contributions. We have enthusiastically supported several charities and good works both here and abroad As well as any other local schools, charities, and individuals in need of help such as:

Junior AOH 32On November 10, 2003, we proudly established a Junior Division at Bishop Canevin High School in Pittsburgh, PA. Bishop Canevin became the first school in Allegheny County to have a junior chapter of the Ancient Order of Hibernians. Ten students of Irish heritage became the founding members of our chapter. Click here to visit their Web site AOH #32 Junior Division.

Our members march proudly each year behind our Division banner in the Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade and hold an annual Communion Breakfast Mass honoring our Hibernian of the Year and Service Award winners.

We invite to join us and live our motto of “Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity.”

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